• Sigurd Larsen

    Sigurd Larsen
    1. Kittistien 25, 9100 Kvaløysletta, Tromsø, Norway.


    2. +47 91 57 38 55


    3. +47 94 77 27 22


    4. sigurd.larsen@tcgroup.no


    Born on September 22, 1952. Married, has 3 adult children.


  • Alta high school

    economic speciality, 1972
  • Bergen University

    Philosophy exam (Examen philosophicum) 1974
    Propedeutic subjects exam, Bergen University, 1975
  • Alta Teacher Training College,

    Teacher training, 1977
  • Tromsø University,

    Sociology studies, 1983
  • the Norwegian School of Management

    Business economist, 1985

Professional Experience

  • Teacher at secondary and senior secondary school, 1977 – 1985
  • State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries, 1985 – 1986
  • Various consulting and management tasks in fish export and production companies in Northern Norway, 1986 – 1989
  • Managing Director, Leirvika Industrier AS, 1989 – 1994
  • Senior business consultant, Bedriftskompetanse AS, Hammerfest, 1994 – 1997
  • Managing Director, Solstrand Group Companies, Tromsø, 1997 – 1999 (engagement)
  • General manager/senior partner/owner, Tromsø Consulting Group AS, Tromsø, 1999 -

Consulting services abroad

  • Business Development Programs, management training, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, project manager. Joint project with the Norwegian School of Management. Employer: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Investment analysis, hotel, Russia, project co-worker. Employer: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
  • Business and market analysis, fishing enterprise, Murmansk og St. Petersburg, project manager. Joint project with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Employer: EBRD.
  • Review of enterprises, wood processing, shipbuilding yard, metallurgical industry etc, Arkhangelsk and St. Petersburg, project co-worker. Joint project with international auditing company. Employer: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Strategic plan for business development in Murmansk region, project manager. Employer: Murmansk and Finnmark Counties.
  • Business analysis and “turn around measures” in Spanish fishing enterprise, project manager. Employer: Norwegian fish processing company.
  • Market research for whitefish products and salmon, Russia, project manager. Employer: Norwegian export company.
  • Market introduction, Russia, project manager. Employer: Norwegian fish exporter.
  • Liquidation and sale of fish processing enterprise, England, project manager. Employer: Russian seafood enterprise.
  • “Market scanning” for processed herring products in Russia, project manager. Employer: Danish herring exporter.
  • Mapping of investment potential in the real estate market in St. Petersburg, project co-worker. Employer: Norwegian investors.
  • Market research for shrimps, St. Petersburg, Russia, project manager. Employer: Norwegian shrimp exporter.
  • “Mapping of herring importers in Russia and Ukraine” - market research, project manager. Employer: Norwegian exporter.
  • “Market potential for Norwegian salmon and trout in Russia”- market research, analytical studies in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and Nizhniy Novgorod, project manager. Employer: Norwegian Seafood Export Council (EFF).
  • Various assignments related to gathering of reference information / credit check of Russian companies. Employers: Nordic export companies and other companies which carry out business in Russia.
  • Preparatory work and registration of fishing vessels in the Russian Ship's Registry on the basis of agreement on Financial Leasing, project manager. Employers: Norwegian fishing enterprises.
  • Registry of fishing vessels in St. Vincent & The Grenadines’ Maritime Registry, cooperation project with law firm in Oslo.
  • Mapping of optimal logistic lines for transport of pelagic products from Northern Norway to central parts of Russia, project manager. Employer: Pelagic industry in Norway.
  • Support in creation of logistic support channels in Russia, project manager. Employer: Pelagic industry in Norway.
  • Various marketing support in Russia for Norwegian shrimp industry, Russian professional resources. Employer: Norwegian shrimp production enterprises.
  • Mapping of distribution pattern for seafood to chain stores in Russia, project manager. Employer: Norwegian seafood exporter.
  • Market study – Whitefish and whitefish fillet in the Russian market, project manager. Employer: Fillet industry in Norway.
  • Mapping of main wholesalers and producers in herring business in Russia, project manager. Employer: Norwegian herring producers.
  • Assistance in development of an information memorandum for real estate project in Riga, supporter. Employer: Baltic property developer/Norwegian investor group.
  • Creation of forwarding business in Russia, mentor. Employer: Norwegian transport business/forwarding business.
  • Mapping of import, logistic and distribution channels for export of fresh sea food products to Russia, mentor. Employer: Norwegian seafood exporter.
  • Assistance in concept development of onshore-based breeding of white fish species, mentor. Employer: European investors.
  • Assistance in creation of a joint-stock company in Russia, project manager. Employer: Norwegian shipowner.
  • Support by establishment of king crab harvesting project, mentor. Employer: Norwegian and Russian fishing companies.
  • Support by gathering of statistical data from Russia, mentor. Employer: Norwegian statistic analytical company.
  • Support by recruitment of experts from Russia, mentor. Employer: Norwegian companies.
  • Market scanning for Norwegian health food products in Russia, mentor. Employer: Norwegian producer.
  • Mapping of Russian seafood industry, project manager. Employer: Norwegian exporter of accessories to seafood industry.
  • Mapping of whitefish producers in Murmansk, project manager. Employer: Icelandic producer of dried whitefish products.

Consulting services in Norway

  • A number of business analyses. Employers: Norwegian banks.
  • Value evaluation related to Norwegian fishing fleet and fish processing enterprises. Employers: Norwegian banks, companies etc.
  • Development of financial prospectus, financial applications, financial analyses etc. Employers: Norwegian companies.
  • Support in various restructural processes. Employers: Norwegian banks and companies.
  • Analyses of fish mill factory as well as framework conditions for fish mill industry in Norway, Employer: Fish mill company.
  • Market analysis for Norwegian fish products on the global fish market. Employer: Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries.
  • Creation of alternative workplaces in defense-dependent municipalities, Troms and Finnmark. Employer: Norwegian Ministry of Defence.
  • Recruitment of management to trades & industries and public sector. Employers: Trades & industries, public and semi-public institutions.
  • Project management – cold store terminal project. Financial preliminary work, following up of building process, recruitment of staff, establishment of administrative procedures, staring of operations, etc. Employer: Coldstore terminal company.
  • Various assignments within “management for hire”.
  • Restructuring, refinancing, outsourcing, sale etc. related to harvesting companies, onshore production plants, fish farming etc. – various assignments. Employers: Seafood companies, banks, etc.
  • Support in refinancing of a fish farming corporation. Employer: Norwegian salmon corporation.
  • Development of investment prospectus for Norwegian transport corporation. Employer: Norwegian transport corporation.
  • Support in merger process of pelagic fish companies in Norway. Employer: Seafood company.
  • Support by refinancing of seafood company in Northern Norway. Employer: Norwegian and foreign seafood companies.
  • Support by refinancing of shipping company, preparation of investment prospectus. Employer: Shipping company in Northern Norway.
  • Establishment of a drying plant for fish heads – feasibility study. Employer: Foreign seafood company.

Other engagements, finished

  • Board member, Finnmark Energiverk AS (1992), Alta.
  • Board member, Hammerfest Hotell AS (1992-1993), Hammerfest.
  • Chairman of corporate assembly, Finnmark Fylkesrederi & Ruteselskap ANS (1991-1994), Hammerfest.
  • Board member in board of directors, NORUT-Gruppen AS (1999-2000), Tromsø.
  • Chairman of ”Political Board of Fisheries” in Finnmark.
  • Member of national board of Senterpartiet, 8 years.
  • Member of various national political committees.
  • Chairman of board, Troms Fryseterminal AS (1997-1999), Tromsø
  • Chairman of board in various production companies and trawler companies in Nordic Sea Holding AS, from 2000 to 2001 (consultancy engagement)
  • Board member, Nordic Group AS (2000 - 2003), Trondheim
  • Board member, Agro Nord AS (2001 - 2003), Tromsø
  • Member of a government-appointed Committee for evaluation of structural measures in Norwegian fishing fleet (2006).
  • Board member, Norway Prawns AS (2004 - 2007), Tromsø
  • Board member, Norway Pelagic AS (2007 - 2008), Måløy
  • Chairman of the board, Bjørnflatens Frysetransport AS (2007 - 2008), Tromsø
  • Board member, ProBio International AS (2006 - 2008), Tromsø
  • Board member, Barsund AS (2008 - 2009), Tromsø

Current top management engagements

  • Chairman of board, Lundblad Media AS, (2004 - ), Tromsø
  • Chairman of board, Tromsø Consulting Group AS, (2000 - ), Tromsø
  • Member of board, Nordic Group AS (2006 - ), Trondheim
  • Chairman of board, Institute of Transport Economics (2010 - ), Oslo
  • Deputy Chairman of Board, Coop Nord (2007 - ), Tromsø
  • Chairman of board, Skrovnes AS (2007 - ), Båtsfjord
  • Chairman of board, Krabbedrift AS (2009 - ), Tromsø
  • Chairman of board, Nordborg AS (2009 - ), Tromsø
  • Chairman of board, Multibåt AS (2009 - ) , Hammerfest